Xibo for Linux Revision 46 in Beta

We have a new revision of the Linux Player in the BETA channel ready for testing. This version of the Player attempts to fix the Video memory leak issues we’ve encountered with the Player to-date. This revision should also be hardware accelerated.

Please refresh your snap from an already working Player such as the previous stable or beta channel release.


Updated to BETA(46) yesterday.
24 hours - normal flight!
No memory leaks.
Thanks for the update, guys!


Good afternoon, after the update, try for 24 hours and there is no memory loss.
What happens to me is that from yesterday to today, proof of play stopped reporting.
I have statistics from 03/03/2020, I wanted to consult recently but I can not report, the only thing that changed was the version of the player.
does anyone else happen to him?

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We tested yesterday with a small playlist and memory appeared to be stable. This morning we tested with a very large playlist (which is normal for us) and it crept up to over 70% memory utilization and started hanging. We’re doing some more testing and will report back here.

I have not seen that myself, I can flag it for another test to see.

Does your very large playlist only consist of video - or is there another type of content at play also?

It’s a mixture of video and static files.

Just to be specific - is that images?

I ask because I wonder if we have a memory leak with images also

Yes, sir! Quite a few images. Mostly JPG I believe.

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Try to get a report (proof of play) today 03/05/2020 but it does not bring any results, it only shows report of the last time I notified 03/03/2020.

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good morning.
I am still testing the 46 Beta version, it is playing well, it has no flaws with respect to the previous ones.
What I do notice is that after the end of the playback and it starts again, it is paused and the console appears with information (attached image).
It’s a few seconds and starts playing again.
I hope it is helpful, any query to the orders.

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Could you try starting the Player from the console by executing xibo-player ? It looks like the player is exiting which is really strange.

Try what you told me.
the same thing continues to happen.
The only thing that changes is the player version.


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Thank you - I will ask the development team.

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Please can I ask if anyone has experienced the Pixbuf error in revision 46?

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Gdk::PixbufError'

We’re thinking it is fixed, but want to make sure before we close it out.

I just checked our test system. Normally I’ve seen a good deal of terminal output but now I’m not seeing any whatsoever. So - no Gdk error… but then again, no output at all.

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Thanks for the response - the Gdk error would have output no matter what error log levels you have set (which might be why you’re not seeing terminal output).

So I think that’s positive :crossed_fingers:

good morning.
revision 46 is running stably on the test PC where it is installed.
the error “‘Gdk :: PixbufError’” did not appear.
is positive.

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Hi Dan,

Is there any Video Size limitation with Linux Xibo Player Revision 46?

There isn’t any in-built limitation, no.