Xibo for Linux Revision 46 in Beta

Good day.
I still have a memory leak on the release --beta
CPU - Pentium N3700
RAM - 4gb…
PC - https://ark.intel.com/content/www/ru/ru/ark/products/87740/intel-nuc-kit-nuc5ppyh.html
OS - Linux Mint 18, ubuntu 16.04
I tried and ubuntu 18.04 - all the same
I tried and oibaf drivers…

We have 4-5 hours of video with 2 overlays.
1 overlay - PNG with transparency
2 overlay - html module with a checkmark - transparency and video mov with transparency
html -

<span style="font-size: 48px; color:#111111;">
<video src="http://www.domain.ru/1.mov" autoplay loop></video>

I specifically removed “<” because otherwise the code is not displayed)

Why html - I did not find another way to put a logo on the video using transparency…

Can it somehow influence xVNC - it is configured to connect to the current session (where the player is playing)

What else do I need to provide information to help?

Good day and welcome.

Sorry I do not quite understand - you have 3 Layouts:

  • Layout with 4/5 hours of video
  • Overlay with a PNG
  • Overlay with Embedded module Video Embed

So you have two videos running at once, one via Video module and one via Embedded module.

Can you provide the output of snap info xibo-player ?

I have one layout with 3 areas.
1 - video files
2 - png with transparency
3 - embended witch transparency video file link… *mov

snap info xibo-player -

Thank you.

If you remove the embedded widget, do you still have a problem?

Yes, it is, but the increase in memory moves several times slower

We have a Revision 49 in the edge channel for further testing, if you’re able to give that a try?

Best wishes,

Already tried, the problem remains …

snap refresh xibo-player - edge ??

It seems to me that the problem is in the intel i915 driver for a video card …
Or in their interaction with xibo, or with openGL render(

I seem to have found the problem
I’ll write soon, after the tests

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