Xibo for Large Outdoor Digital Billboard

Hello, may i ask if xibo can work on these specs?

No less than 2400 x 2688 pixels in height and pixels in length.

No less than 2400 x 3840 pixels in height and pixels in length.

|Quality|High Quality: 4K equivalent|

|Aspect Ratio|16:9|

If yes, can I set it up in such a way that I can display 2 contents 1 for each screen then sometimes switch to 1 content across 2 screens? thank you for the responses.

It can be done… I actually have a display that is 5760x1080 and spans three displays from one player instance. You’ll want to stick to Windows for this type of install.

Basically, your layouts will be the combined dimensions of both displays. You can then opt to use the full width or create multiple regions to have them show separate or duplicated content.

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Hi oliver_lim, welcome to the community!

brodkin is right that you can set up a player that will span across multiple connected displays as one large resolution. This guide explains how to create a video wall setup using Xibo for Windows, please make sure to read the full guide to understand the requirements and how to configure your player and layouts so they match the total resolution of your connected displays.

Many Thanks.

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