Xibo error in layout


I installed Xibo CMS on my server and tried the windows desktop client. But it doesn’t work…
It says that the layout is invalid and that is an error in the xml document. In my layout are no empty regions and the window download time is also set from 00:00 to 00:00 (default).

Thanks for your help.


It seems that your player is in download window - which is reasonable since it’s open all the time.

Have a look here: There is error on xml document...Clients doesnt update

Pretty much the same questions:
CMS/player versions?
library path? (is it different than CMS library path?- it has to be)
Modules -> verify all
Report fault -> any (X) there?
Enable debugging/auditing, recreate the issue and save logs (redact any sensitive information from it before posting it here)
Check if anti virus etc software is perhaps blocking the Xibo files? (there should be warnings in the client’s library if that’s the case)

I left it over the weekend and now it’s working…

BTW: it was a fresh installation of the latest stable versions… all settings default.