XIBO CMS google-sign up and login - NEW 9/2020

Hi all,
I´ve read this article about login in into google.
XIBO CMS google-sign up and login
I have a docker installation, is this possible
If so, how?

Yes it’s possible. Your CMS needs to be on the public internet and needs to have a valid SSL certificate.

Assuming it does, then you setup a new SAML app in GSuite following their instructions, and use the docs linked in the original article to configure Xibo to use that IdP.


My problem is the box is in a private network with NO SSL

Is there a way to cache user credentials?

Have a nice day

Xibo never sees the password when you use SAML. It only sees a token from the IdP authorising access.

SSL on both sides is a requirement. You can’t use SAML without.

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