Xibo Client connection to remote CMS server

Currently using 1.7.3 for both client and cms.
CMS is hosted on another server (on the internet rather than the local network)

Basically, I get lots of time-out errors. Does the client give up after a certain amount of tries? As far as I know my host isnt having frequent outages and the internet connection at the client side seems to be stable.

Is this a known problem?

Will get screenshots on Monday when back in office where client is installed

Are you still having trouble with the time-out problems?

I have some displays that seem to give a lot of timeout problems. Most of the time I reload Xibo and they seem to disappear, however I am running Android clients and this may not work for you. It is only one of a number of things that it could be.

Are the clients wireless?

In the end I just gave up and went back to having the CMS run locally. It’s more of a pain, but it’s less hassle

Same problem with cms. Some clients, sometimes, cannot connect server.

I’ve noticed at a lot of my clients routers and modems either consumer grade or provided by the ISP are practically broken. Once 20-50 people connect those things tend to crash (buffer bloat, running out of space to save the DHCP reservation table etc)

I’d suggest a good (WiFi) router with OpenWRT and a good buffer policy or a commercial grade setup for commercial establishments with sufficient APs for whatever load. The problem is nobody wants to pay for the $1-2k retrofit of a “professional” setup so I usually end up putting in a $35 OpenWRT router just for my signage.

On the other hand your server could be running out of resources. Make sure you’re not running against any max processes. A single client can open a good dozen connections in a few seconds. If your Apache or PHP-FPM is set to e.g. 100 connections and you have 10 players checking in you could get intermittent errors. If you are on a crappy VPS you could have a host that is overloaded (if you pay less than $50/mo for a server you’re usually screwed. I’d recommend getting a good SysAdmin that can analyze your system.


Those are all good points that I didn’t even think of to mention. I deal with a lot of networks and we always just install our router, switches, wiring, etc., just for those reasons. The one thing we have not been dong is supplying our own internet connection.

We have a few locations that no matter what we do, they always have problems.

As for the oringinal problem of the players seeming to stop trying to communicate with the CMS after either a certian amount of time, or tries; I believe there was a change to try and fix this a few versions back on the Android client. (I can not speak for the Windows version. Not even sure it ever had the problem) On at least the last couple of versions I have only noticed this once.

In general the problem is a loss of connection from the client to the CMS. After some time, or tries, the client seems to give up. So then, when, the connection is restored, the client does not try to reconnect to the CMS. The only solution seems to be to reboot the device.

If anyone is still having these problems on the most recent builds of the CMS and Clients, then please post so here. Otherwise I think this post can be closed.

I’ll test a 4h network “outage” next week to see if such issues persist. Otherwise, it’s always good to schedule a daily reboot using something like a cron daemon.

We thought that was the solution too for a while. But then we started having trouble with some of the units not coming back up properly. I think we finally traced that back to how long after boot the Xibo app started. I think increasing that to 60 seconds fixed that. But we stopped the daily auto reboot practice.

We used to have alot of time out problems with our android-clients, but now when we only go for windows we never have those issues