Xibo Client 1.8.8 Virus Warnings

The 1.8.8 Xibo Client is tripping up Windows Defender left and right. Even if I manage to get it installed anyways, it doesn’t want to let me start the player options program. It’s claiming there is a Trojan in it.

Same problem, running on Windows 10.

I’m sorry to hear that, do you have any more extended logs about it, so we can see perhaps what exactly is triggering that?

Assuming it is downloaded from our website / directly from GitHub releases, then it has to be false positive, I’m surprised that any Anti-virus software detects it as dangerous though, unfortunately I don’t think there is much we can do about it - other than to suggest you to whitelist Xibo.

I’m not sure how to locate the logs, but it returns with a message saying that it found “Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos.C!cl” even after whitelisting the program files, and still uninstalls it.

If there is a mirror for 1.8.3, I wouldn’t mind just going with that for now. I’m on a project schedule. Updates can come later.

I found version 1.8.3 for now. If you want, I can continue troubleshooting this with you, but I have to use 1.8.3, for now, to meet schedules, etc., for this project. We have begun deploying Xibo at our locations across North America. :slight_smile:

Interesting, so that’s only triggered for 1.8.8 for you, while previous version does not show such messages at all.
I don’t really know what change between these version may have such impact.

Does the Windows Defender shows you the origin ie the “infected” file?
Or is it just the .exe file?

@dan any idea what could be triggering that false positive specifically in 1.8.8?

I am also getting the error, i’ve attached a screen shot of how windows defender reports it. This is also on 1.8.8, rolled back to 1.8.3 for now and it seems to be working fine. I also have a text dump from event viewer if that helps.

For the sake of clarity, the application doesn’t have a virus - the detection you’re seeing is a false-positive based on a content scan of the application files.

1.8.3 also had something similar on first release: XIBO 1.8.3 Windows Client - Virus infection detected

I’m not sure what we can do to get around it - many suggest that signing the application and exe is the way to go…

EDIT: it may be that as more people white list the application, this warning goes away…

I will white list it in the hopes of preventing false positives in the future.