Xibo 1.8.1 docker ed. all clients KO


I have all clients ko, this is the error logged for all clients (7)

Layout Change to C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Xibo Library\2.xlf failed. Exception raised was: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.Parameter name: Unable to set and start a media node

Any idea ?

I’ve seen that once before where there was an empty region on the layout. For a layout to be valid, it must have at least one region, and all regions on the layout must contain at least one item.

Very strange, I have checked all regions and no empty ones foud.
Now I have recreate the layouts from scratch and add again to displays.

Here’s the original thread for reference:

There’s a way to show this wrong status in the display page ?
I have checked the status of all displays and they was ok but when I was in front of one of them I see the blank screen.

By not sending invalid layouts to the Players?

The CMS shows you the layout is invalid in the designer, and in the layouts list.

I had all green :frowning:
No error message, I had to check the logs and the displays phisycally.

The layout status is not coloured green. It’s a tick or a cross. Layout status is shown in the designer, or on the Layouts page.

You should always check your layouts are valid before you schedule them. The CMS will attempt to detect layouts that can’t play, and save you from them, but it’s not possible in every scenario.

If you have no errors, then you need to schedule your layouts one at a time, find out which one causes the error, and then look at that one in detail.

Err… I had all green = I didn’t see any error marks
Sorry :frowning:

Anyway, I have recreated the layouts and now they are played correctly.
For any evenience I have saved a copy of a working layout to fire up in case of errors.