Xibo 1.7.8 - Few problems

Hi All,

Im using Xibo 1.7.8 with an Android Player (licensed) and Im having some troubles with playing rtsp and with videos.

First one, playing a rtsp stream. It starts/stops when it wants. Sometimes it start playing when it should and sometimes it start like 30-60 seconds after it should.

With videos, the problem is that I’ve removed a few days ago one video and it still being played.

Also, the fade in/fade out transitions seems to not be working.

Thanks in advance!

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Oh, I forgot, I cant install new fonts. I did what is said in the wiki and a few posts here but with no luck.
I dont have a fonts.css in my install or media directory.

Could you please confirm that you’re using Xibo for Android 1.7 R61?
What device are you using please? (mark, model, android version, firmware version)

I assume this is set up similar to Stream CCTV IP Camera in to Xibo for Android ?

Depending on the content and on the hardware you use, it may take some time to load it.

What’s your collection interval?
Does the player appears as up to date in CMS?
What durations do you have on your layout?
Did you remove the video from the layout or media library?

It could be also good to see status screen on your android device.

That should work on Android client, between what items did you set it?

Fonts might be tricky sometimes, but as a general rule if it is working in layout designer/preview then it should work on Android client - unless for some reason it’s not correctly recognised by the player.

Are you using Public or internal storage?

All in all I think it would be good if you could export your layout and font and send it to us so we can test it on our devices.
You can upload it to dropbox/similar and send me the download link here or via pm.

The client is a MINIX 5 with last software/firmware from http://www.minixforum.com/threads/x5mini-kitkat-250-february-8th-2016.10908/ and is with 1.7R61
The rtsp stream is only an audio stream, cant believe it can take more than 30 seconds to load :slight_smile:

The collection interval is 1 minute, the player appears as up to date, the video was removed from the region and NOT from library. The duration was exactly the same as the duration of the video.

About status screen, the minix is on another location and cant access to it today, will try tomorrow or asap.

About the transition, please, excuse me, I’ve set 2 instead of 2000 (forgot it is in ms and not in s)

I see, yeah it should be much faster - unless the source of the stream is really slow of course.

As for this video, could you try to slightly move some region on your layout, just to make sure players really knows what should be displayed.

Actually you should be able to get the status screen without visiting the device in person - Second Option here - Getting the Player Status

Yeah, that makes sense, 2ms transitions weren’t probably too visible :slight_smile:

About the rtsp, I’ve just noticed that when the layout with the stream starts, the stream sounds for less than a second and then stop for like 30-35 second.

About the videos, im going to do what you say and will tell you the result.

Now I have another problem, the client are in black. Here is the status from the CMS:

Yesterday all this was working without any problem. I have a campaing with this:

Layout 1
Layout 1
Videos #1
Layout 1
Layout 1
Videos #2

This same campaing was working yesterday for all day without problems.

Just noticed, the only working layout is Videos #1 (LayoutID: 16) The others are showed as full black screen.

Ok, if by any chance the region that have the rtsp in the layout cant play it (p.e. the rtsp server is down) instead of ignoring the region the layout is a full blackscreen.

Right, that makes sense.

It might not be easy to detect the issue with rtsp stream to skip it in the layout playback, but I guess we could try to do that.

Could you please create a topic in features section for that? (so it will be considered in the future development - it’s not guaranteed that it will be implemented, but it would be good to have feature topic for it so we don’t forget about it)

Will do!

About the rtsp playing for 1 second and then stop for 30-35 seconds can you do anything?

I’d say it’s most likely problem with multiple audio/video streams.

ie it starts before the video does, but when video is loaded (muted or not, that does not matter) it takes priority over the stream making the stream muted - it’s not really a Xibo ‘feature’ it’s how Android/hardware is handling it.

So, basically if you’d have android device that can play two or more videos simultaneously, then it should be able to handle audio (from rtsp stream) and videos and other content playing simultaneously as well.

Otherwise the audio/video streams will be conflicted and result in playback issues as you’ve noticed.

My english sucks, but I think you didnt understand me or I’ve not explained well.

I have 2 layouts (I have more, but lets say only 2).

Layout 1: Have lot of text/ticker in a big region and I have a little region only with a rtsp stream with 1 second duration.
Layout 2: Only have a region with a video

Layout 1 is the default layout for the client. I have a campaing with: Layout1 Layout1 Layout2

Without any campaing active, only playing Layout 1 in loop, when the layout finish and start again, the rtsp plays for a second, then stop (then no audio playing) and about 30 seconds after it plays again for the whole layout duration.

Ah yes, I thought both rtsp and video are on the same layout.

Could you perhaps send us your layout 1 so we can check how does it work on our test devices?

I’ve sended you a pm with the link to download the layout :slight_smile:

So, yeah you rtsp link came as unsupported video on my z64 (probably because it could reach it correctly as you said in pm). I’ve replaced it with different stream and it did work quite well (audio from start without interruptions - what’s ‘worse’ it was video with audio not only audio).

Could you try it please?

Replace your rtsp stream with this one and see if it will be cut as well.