Getting the Player Status


How to get the Player Status information

When you need to provide us with a screenshot of status window on your device, you have 2 options to achieve it.

First Option
You’ll need to have a mouse connected to your device and you will need to be physically present in front of your device.

Click on ‘status’ on your device, then either take a picture of it, or take a screenshot with the device.

Second Option

In case that you have limited access to the device itself you can also use a ‘request a screenshot’ feature in displays page.

What you should do:

  • Enable debugging in ‘report fault’ page in your CMS
  • Enable auditing in ‘display’ page - go to ‘displays’ -> edit your
    display device -> go to Advanced tab and set Auditing to ‘Yes’
  • Then still on the displays page, expand the options for your device
    of choice and select ‘request a screen shot’

You can click on ‘filter’, from the view options select ‘screen shot thumbnails’ now you can access your requested screenshot (it will not contain the status window)

  • Now in your CMS go to ‘Logs’ page, click on ‘filter’ then ‘advanced’
  • Select your display from the ‘display’ menu, enter “NotifyStatus” to
    ‘Page’ field
  • Make a screenshot of this log and send it to us

Example Screenshot:

In display is out dated but not yet checked
Xibo for Android won't update from the CMS
This display client is not licensed - 1.7.6 Whitelabel
Dispaly on android
Android app on Minix doesn't play content from laptop
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