Windows Player dont show layout correct - layout preview is OK


im curently try to learn Xibu layout - so i start with some simple layouts with different Regions - Weather Forecast some images - Background Image and so on…
Also tryed Layout with video.

On client side i have 3 different Windows Machines (7 8.1 and 10) all togehter with current player form xibo Site - also CMS is on current stable version.

What i dont understand - some layouts (Video + Ticker) works fine - other layouts (only Background with forecast) dont display correct (only background image is shown)

BTW: all layouts Status is “OK” so no errors …

because Installation ist just trial - i can provide cms account info if anyone can help me ?

Best regards

It may be that the layouts that do not show correctly have overlapping regions. Currently overlapping regions are only supported on the Android Client.

This might provide some useful information: Region z-Axis not respected in Windows Player (1.7.4)


that was my fault !

There was a “Region” for the whole screen wich was unused …

Best regards. and thanks for your support !

Will Xibo get this addressed with 1.8 as mentioned in Region z-Axis not respected in Windows Player (1.7.4) ?

@Peter ?? (20 chars)

That’s quite an old topic quoted there eh.

Z-index / overlapping regions will work on android client only (for now).

It will be our goal to make this work as well on our new cross-platform player, which will be developed for 1.9 series - Cross Platform Player Specification

Since we just released 1.8rc1 and still are working on 1.8 series, we can’t commit to any solid date regarding 1.9 or this new player.

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As Peter says, we did our best to include a new player in 1.8 - but we haven’t been able to get that done. We are actively working on it now though, with a view to it being backwards compatible with 1.8.

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