Region z-Axis not respected in Windows Player (1.7.4)

Hi Everyone,

running Xibo 1.7.4 (both Server and Windows Client) I ran into the following problem:

I created a layout having three regions and a background (Screenshot). The full screen region is a Slideshow with 8 images, 5 seconds each. I gave z-Index 1 to this region. The other two regions, the ones with overlay logos, are just simple images: 40 seconds long, one having z-Index 2, the other z-Index 3.

Now the preview looks exactly how I want it to look, see here. But on the windows client, the two logos are not displayed, see (

Is this a Bug (maybe related to (Layout Design Z-Index Lost) or (Problem Layer order (z-index) [1.7.2]) ?) or am I doing something wrong? This issue already existed on Version 1.7.3 which I had previously installed.


P.S. Sorry for the link fails, but new users are limited to 2 links in a post -___-


Sadly you are right, it is related mostly to this one thing that Windows client doesn’t support overlapping regions.
If you want to stick to Windows client then you will have to reorganise regions on layout.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Well, this is unfortunate. Is this a wontfix? Or are you working on this? I think that this is a crucial part of the functionality of your CMS, especially because you offer such a potent layout editor. Its super sad that one can easily design awesome layouts but the player cripples this functionality that heavily. Or at least put a huge text in the layout editor, saying “OVERLAPPING REGIONS ARE NOT SUPPORTED ON WINDOWS PLAYERS” or similar.

Do you see a workaround for my problem? Or just embed the logos in the pictures?


I appreciate that it may be painful, as for what the future holds:

In 1.8 our goal is to have new cross platform (windows/linux) player and it is also our goal for this player to support overlapping regions. Can’t give you any estimates as for when this player will be live exactly. When we will have more information, we will share it with community.

For now, yes you can edit image to contain for example logos and then upload it to Xibo as 1 image instead of putting it in separate regions.

You can also try the Android client.


Alright, thanks!

Looking forward to the new player!

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