Windows player 1.7.9 + powerpoint (.pptx) issue

Hello guys,
I upgraded my XIbo windows 1.7.8 to 1.7.9 on a Windows 7 x64 with powerpoint 2013.

We use only powerpoint files to show… But with the 1.7.9 version, the xibo player shows only bad URL on the white page.

when we switch Windows Task we can see powerpoint working behind the xibo player…
If you close the xibo player the powerpoint slide show works…

I just downgrade to 1.7.8 and the powerpoint slideshow works perfectly on the xibo player…

That’s rather odd, I assume all registry entries are there? and/or PowerPoint media items show a “Navigation Cancelled” error when running on the Windows Player / PowerPoint brings up an Open Dialog

Hi peter,
Thank you for you reply,

Yes, I did! And it’s working really good with 1.7.8 but not with 1.7.9!

There’s no difference in PowerPoint handling from way back to 1.0 series. If it works in 1.7.8 then it should also work in 1.7.9 as they work the same way.

If it isn’t, then something has changed one of those registry entries, as those are the only thing that have any impact on that.

Our general advice is to pre-convert PowerPoint items to videos as this is far more reliable in production use, and plays across all the Xibo Players available too.