Wind Direction not translated?


Please see the attachment.
Can you tell me why the Wind Direction is not translated?
Am I missing a setting?

Regards, Peter

Ah, just found this: Weather language "Deutsch"

So, it seems not possible.
Now, I am testing with some Javascript to see if it can be done this way.

Regards, Peter

Solved it by using this script:

<script type="text/javascript">
var windrichting;
windrichting ='[windDirection]';
if (windrichting == "N") {document.write("<b>N <b>")};
if (windrichting == "E") {document.write("<b>O <b>")};
if (windrichting == "S") {document.write("<b>Z <b>")};
if (windrichting == "W") {document.write("<b>W <b>")};
if (windrichting == "NE") {document.write("<b>NO <b>")};
if (windrichting == "SE") {document.write("<b>ZO <b>")};
if (windrichting == "SW") {document.write("<b>ZW <b>")};
if windrichting == "NW") {document.write("<b>NW <b>")};

Regards, Peter

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