Win Client does not Update Kampaign


Here i still have a test Installation for 1.7.6 with CMS and Win Client.

There i have a Kampaign with now 8 layouts.

I found out that when the Win player does run a long time >2-5 days then it dont Update changes made within CMS (even new Layouts)

Yesterday again i added layouts to a Kampaign wich is currently played on win player but even tomorrow (12 Hours later) player only show the 2 Layouts (config bevore change).

What i dont understand:

If i look at Screen selection the player is online and it seem that he connect to the CMS:

This is the Kampaign:

To solve tis issue i have to restart Win Player then it update and show the campaign well.

But i think this is not the solution for a productive useage …

What i also dont understand: Im sure that after restart when i change something on the Layout or the Campaign the player update without restart the player !!!

Does anyone can help me ?

It could be due to date format (your other topic) speaking of your other topic there you said you have 1.7.7 CMS and you should also have 1.7.7 Windows client.

Especially in 1.7.7 CMS you will want to have fully qualified path to the library in CMS settings, please have a look at ‘Library location’ section of this topic Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide

How long durations do you have on your layouts please?


because i did update to 1.7.7 today im not able to say anything about this problem - i can look at the next days…

te MAX Duration of a Laout here is 4 Minutes

Regarding your question about absolute Path of Library:

Yeah, in 1.7.7 you’ll really need to have fully qualified path there for your client to work correctly.

Please have a look at the link I posted.

Hi peter

but this ist the “full path”.