Will version 1.8 support PDF slideshows?

I ran across a thread that said PDF files might be supported in version 1.8. We are currently using a PDF slideshow on our display, but want the additional capabilities that Xibo would give us. We can easily and quickly create the PDF slideshow from our photo library, so it would be great if we could just load this as a media item and have it run in Xibo. Any word on whether this might be a possibility? Or do we need to look for a different way to display a slideshow?

1.8 will support PDF as media files, we also do have a enhancement logged to add duration per page to PDF module.

so yeah in 1.8 you will be able to add pdf as media to CMS library and then add it to your layouts.

As for now (1.7) you can just add all images to your layout, or make it as a video perhaps.

Thanks. Good to know. The slideshow has about 300 images. We tried converting to a video and ended up with a 3 GB file. Not sure we want to go through the process of uploading 300 images and setting duration on each one. Unless we can select all and set the duration for all at the same time. I need to try that.

You may want to look at lss

See this thread

Yeah, that should work as well, good suggestion.

Downloaded lss and set it up. But I don’t think it is going to work. First problem is that I have to calculate a duration for the web page. Easy enough to calculate, but every time we add or remove images from the slideshow I have to adjust the duration. Second problem is that the duration has to be at least as long as the slideshow. Unless I am missing something, Xibo runs through the entire duration before permitting another layout to run. 300 slides at 5 seconds each is going to be a 25 minute duration. That means another layout cannot show up until the 25 minutes are complete. We intend to use XIbo for our lobby display and we want to be able to display a welcome screen for clients with minimal notice. Is there a way to force Xibo to immediately display a layout regardless of the current layout durations?

Well, you could schedule the ‘welcome screen’ layout with higher priority than the layout with your images, but in 1.7 the

could be a problem.

In 1.8 thanks to XMR and perhaps API call, that could be done instantly via changeLayout call.