Want to display a LOT of photos

Chaps… new user

A bit of background…

I am in a senior school, and we have these very large TVs that they want to use for digital signage.
Sound just what Xibo has been designed for :smile:

Have just installed the server on my internal website… No probs. Intend using a Lenovo M93 Tiny running the Windows client. Although looking at the Intel on a Sticks too.


Like a good IT person, once I get most of it up and running, I want to be able to “hand over” the day to day chores to he admin/teaching staff…

What they want to do is have a slideshow of photos. And with all of these new cameras and smartphones there is a never ending source of pictures. And we talking THOUSANDS… Sporting carnivals etc etc …

Is there a plug in that will allow me to just point at a Windows share or any directory for that matter, that I can just point the teachers to, and any photo in there will end up on the display.

Getting me to upload all of this content into the CMS will both overload the server and my interest. It is way past what I can ask the staff to do.

Sorry about the length of this for a small question…


No there isn’t.

Xibo is designed to be able to run it’s content offline, and that necessitates the CMS having a copy of the image which it can then download to the Player. That’s fundamental.

In your proposed solution the Players would reference that content over the network, so if that server went down then the Players would loose access to the content and error.

You could use the API to script uploading that content in to the CMS, or write a webpage that loads the images in and then use Xibo to display that (and thereby circumvent having to load stuff in to the CMS at the expense of offline playback).

I take your point… :smile:

Would be be possible to upload content to the display machine (I am running windows) via a smb share,
and Xibo could take it from there ?

I notice there is a module that should play videos that have been uploaded to the display device ?


Mmmm… wonder if I could set up a slideshow website external to Xibo and then point to it in Xibo ?

Mmmmm… lot of slide show web stuff out there… but most of them want to upload content as well…
Perhaps spawning off a Microsoft app ?

Sorry about the stream of conciousness :wink:

You could do that, but you’d still need to write your own webpage for the
player to load to show those images. We don’t provide anything to do that
as it doesn’t fit the way the system is intended to be used.

Yes there’s a local video module which can be used to play a video from
local disk, but it’s your responsibility then to make sure that the video
exists on all players that will run that layout before the layout is run as
Xibo can’t retrieve the video itself (as it doesn’t have it).

Yep … am chasing similar funtionality for a slab of photos…
Not a problem making sure they are on the device…as I am using a windows one…

As I said before, it doesn’t exist, but you could write a webpage to do that and then show it with Xibo.

This is what I use to display images as a slideshow in Xibo. http://unapllc.com/lss/howto.html
It works perfectly. You can create multiple folders each which becomes a url which you can just insert as a webpage in your Xibo layout. Any photos copied into the ‘images’ folder will be displayed. I have folders shared with specific people so they can keep their particular slideshow images updated.


Many, many thanks.

Does EXACTLY what I need. Outstanding :smile:

Not only does it send the slideshow… it also has the extra tools to make life easier.

Thanks again

Over complicating it for a slideshow?
I would just use screen saver in windows pointing to image folder.
No fuzz installing setting up and maintaining server and client.

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Jup and just make it a shared network folder so you can connect to it.

Hello all,
Ive been using this slideshow script and it works flawlessly,
We are now testing Andriod players and for some reason it will not load this slideshow, it simply says no images loaded.

Anyone know what might be the cause?

Just an update on this,
It only does this when the web server is local on the network,
If i access it on my phone externally it loads fine, once i connect to Wi-FI it fails again.

Great !
would you be so kind and report here the correct settings in xibo?

Probably a DNS or routing issue then preventing access to load the resources when connected via wifi.