Which cms file should a non docker download?

i think most non-docker xibo or manual install of xibo 1.8 series dont work due to what is inside the cms zip file we download. most of the installation leads to http 500 error install loop with 403 error or just blank page.

meanwhile, throwing any of the 1.7 series ie xibo 1.7.9 in the same web root launches the install page right away without any fight.

my question to all: should the cms 1.8.11.zip contain any docker related folders and files? is there an actual xibo cms made special for a non-docker install?

i once was able to install xibo 1.8.0, then changed to 1.8.4 later on…waited for the arrival of 1.8.5 and also installed that…all of them installed without docker without a struggle. …waited to
see 1.8 at a higher version with all fixes and new and improved features

now come 1.8.7-1.8.11 and installing without docker has become a 2nd web war…all tutorials, manual install instruction are not 100% accurate or dummy-proof

none of 1.7 series zip folders contain any docker files/folders and works out of the box. i hope the will soon be a 1.7.11 with an improved weather module

yes i have 1.8.11 working in docker mode…installing xibo with docker is easy and simple too but i dont like how its chooses to install php, database on it own. you dont have access to your database the way you want…docker environment not too user friendly. …please direct me to right download of cms for A NON DOCKER environment, thank you

Non-Docker downloads are where they have always been:

If you want to use your own database with Docker, then you can. There’s a no MySQL template included. You’d simply install MySQL on the host machine and configure the CMS to use that, however, you loose the isolation benefits.

There’s nothing you can’t do with MySQL inside Docker. If you want PHPMyAdmin then you can have it, if you want console access to MySQL you can have it, so I don’t see what the issue is.

Both methods to access the database are detailed here:

Note though you should not be making changes to the database directly. It’s occasionally necessary when troubleshooting, but it should be very rare.

We’ve not written a detailed guide to install without Docker because it’s not something we can support you with. In the same way as we don’t write guides for anything else we don’t support. If someone wants to write and maintain a proper guide then of course we’ll have that in the guides section, however, most submissions we’ve seen so far don’t setup XMR properly, they don’t setup XTR properly, and so give the user a broken CMS that then causes a load of issues for us to support. I’m sure you can see why we don’t want that! It gives people a bad experience with the software.


Does Docker have a GUI you can use to install and run everything?

I am not very fond of console or command-line style driven interfaces. I just want to be sure of this before i make a start on anything.



No it doesn’t. You need to use the command line.

No problem. thanks for the quick reply

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