Which Android players have a licence and which dont?

Is there a way to tell which players have a full android license and which don’t? Ive logged into the customer portal and it tells me there is only 7 licenses used out of like 40+. It looks like all our players are online and up to date in the CMS. We are having the odd case of trying to license a player but the email address box is grayed out. I know we have, or at least think we have enough licenses but cant figure out which ones have or haven’t it.

I think the question i am trying to ask, is there an easy way to see which players have a license and which dont?

You should be able to see your licensed devices details in Customer Portal -> Android licencing page, when you click the ‘View’ button - Android Licences Management

If you have more licences than devices, then you should be able to licence new devices as well.

There could be version mismatch (if you don’t have upgrades available for example) or an date&time issue on your android devices if there are licencing issues - Licencing your Xibo for Android Display

If there is a specific problem with your licence pool / android devices, please do email Spring Signage support directly with your licence pool email address and we will take a look.