Weird resolution problem - 3 monitor 'video wall'


Just got my triple monitors set-up with Xibo for Windows, and it’s ALMOST working perfectly!

In the CMS, I made a new ‘Display setting’, specifically for these monitors (5760 x 1080).
I also made a new resolution for the layouts (same W x H), and created a test video in after effects, again with the same resolution (5760 x 1080).

But when I try to display the video on the monitors, it seems like 1/3 of the first screen, and 1/3 at the end of the last screen is missing… And this is where i got confused…

I have triple checked the resolutions in the CMS, and even in the AMD settings on the desktop, it shows it’s resolution as 5760 x 1080.

I’ll add a picture to show my problem.
If anyone know what might be causing this problem I would greatly appreciate your input.

Kind regards


Found the root of the problem! After Effects (and Handbrake) had problems H.254 encoding the video at 5760 x 1080.

Got it working when I halfen the composition resolution to 2880 x 540, and let Xibo scale it back up to 5760 x 1080.

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I need configuration for 3 display

please, do you cant help?

In spanish:
puedes ayudarme a confugurar? tienes un manual?


than you

Below is a link to our Guide for creating a Video Wall. Please note that you will need to use the Xibo for Windows Player to create a Video wall. You will also only need one Player running and a PC capable of running all of the screens you want to use for your Video Wall:

Many Thanks.

Than you DanBW, but no funcionality
I have problem with player, do you have video / manual / tip step to step ?

xibo-cms-1.7.9 support video wall?

thank you

In your reply you mentioned about no functionality, could you confirm what that is referring to?

You also mention you have a problem with your Player and you are looking for support. Is the problem you are having related to setting up a video wall or a different issue with your Player? Please provide more information about the problem you are having and the version of the Player you are running. If the issue is not related to setting up a video wall, please create a new post.

Many Thanks.

thank you DanBW

I have 3 monitors of 1920x1080, each one has a mini PC associated with this reference:
Intel Atom x5-Z8350 licensed windows 10 mini pc with 2GB RAM / 32GB DISC, Gigabit LAN, and HDMI VGA output

1 mini PC “A” has S.O. Win.10x64bit (it has installed the Xampp with Xibo-cms-1.7.9 with xibo-client-1.7.9)
1 mini PC “B” has S.O. Win.10x64bit (it has installed xibo-client-1.7.9)
1 mini PC “C” has S.O. Win.10x64bit (it has installed xibo-client-1.7.9)

The mini PC “A” applies the procedure of the manual that you sent me:
1.Create profile “profile_videowall” of 5760x1082
2.Associate the 3 screens to the profile “profile_videowall”
3.Create “videowall” resolution of 5760x1082
4.create slide / layout based on “videowall” resolution
5. add image of 5760x1082
6. programing reprodution

The Mini PC “A” “B” and “C” show the same

Please your help, to know if it is possible to make the video wall with these configurations or only works with 1 pc only with three hdmi output and with extended windows screen

or if I must update from xibo version or if I must configure the screens in location (longitude and latitude)

thanks for your help

To set up a Video Wall, you will need to use one PC that has has enough outputs to connect all of your screens to. You will then need to extend the desktop on that PC so that the Xibo Player will display across all of the screens. It is not possible to set up a Video wall using 3 separate PCs, as the content cannot be synchronised across the 3 Players you are running.

Many Thanks.