Webpage widget not filling region correctly


I seem to have a problem with using the webpage widget on our CMS since the upgrade from v2 to v3. When we embed a webpage with ‘Position Manually’ the site only appears in a small square in the top corner. We had this working fine in v2 , but since the upgrade it’s not working correctly

If it set the open to ‘Open Natively’ it does fill the screen, but in our case this does not work as I need to apply some custom scaling to the webpage, otherwise it’s too zoomed in and content is cut off

I have also tried embedding into a iframe with the same results and type of ‘Best Fit’ with the same results

It seems to be the same symptoms as this case

Here is the info about our Xibo installation :
CMS Ver: 3.0.3
Player Type: Android on DS DSCS 9 hardware
Player Ver: mix between 2 Revision 216 and 3 Revision 301

Currently having the same problem on 3.0.3.

We’re using a webpage widget on the top of some screens showing departure times for busses and all of the suddenly it’s way messed up.

The setting is an area that goes by 1080*600 and I’m embeddning a webpage that has a table that is lokced to 1040px * 500px but it now the xibo screens are all just showing part of the webpage and there is now way of sacling or zooming.

Running Xibo 3.0.3 and the latest version of the Windows player

No one able to help with this one ?

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