Video size problem

I have got one outdoor Led screen
Led screen size 800px * 480 px

I create new video . video size is 800px*480px but not show full screen

video header and footer is black. can you help me this problem

Can you confirm the Resolution you have set for your Layout?

You can confirm the resolution you have set by selecting the Layouts option in your CMS, clicking the down facing arrow at the end of the Layout and choosing Edit from the menu. Next select the Background tab to see the Resolution setting.

If you have not created one already, I would recommend creating a Custom Resolution of 800x480. You can then set your Layout to this resolution so that the video fills the entire Layout.

Below is a guide for using LED Boards with Xibo. I would recommend following the instructions in the How to Create a Custom Resolution section.

Many Thanks.

Hi, thank you for help. but problem is not solved
I created new screen size in Cms system 800 x 480 then new layout created 800 x 480 insert video
video size is 800 x 480 but problem is not solved. I send picture in attached files

hi friend problem is solved. orijinal video is problem header and footer is black. thankyou for help

Thank you for confirming the issue is resolved.

Many Thanks.