Video has Stopped Working

Is there any reason our Video has stopped playing on our XIBO Player? All has been working fine but this morning it won’t pay. I’ve rescheduled to see if that would help but nothing. Anyone got any ideas how to kick it into life? Thanks

Could you please show us a screenshot of status window on your device?
It should make thing clearer.

On the left hand side there is usually a video running and it’s basically just pictures of life in school.

It happens every now and again but when I reschedule it kicks into life, but not today. Even closed the player down and restarted it.

thank you

hmmmm couple of things:
This layout:
Durations…is it really necessary to have 1500minutes durations on media item? (please adjust it a little bit)
Understanding Media Duration and how it affects the playback of a Layout

loop…you don’t really have to use it, but since you do, you might want to update your client to 1.7.6 there was a bug regarding this setting in earlier versions.

Schedule…this layout is set as a default layout for your displays, there is no need to schedule anything in this case.
Default layout will be always displayed.

Resolution…you monitor seems to be 4:3, definitely not 16:9, so you might want to consider changing the layout resolution to 4:3 as well (layout designer -> options -> background)

So when you adjust the durations and clear the schedule, give your player a moment to connect to the CMS and update the schedule/layout. Perhaps also restart it after that, it should be fine.

There is a way to pause a video?

In the Xibo client the ‘normal’ video? no, I don’t think so.
Embedded video, like from youtube? perhaps, I haven’t tried.

Side note - replies to a posts over a year old isn’t great - I’ll close this topic now, if you do have any issues you’d like to discuss please open a new topic in support category.