Video file upload

Hi everyone!

I have an issue with upload some video file (mp.4) into library.
I was able to upload one similar file successful. And I can’t understand what I’m doing wrong…
On screenshots below you will find my steps.
The first file (that was uploaded).

And the second one (with error)

Could you advice please.

Thanks in advance,

By the way, this files really exists

I see that you’re not using docker, are you perhaps using IIS by any chance?

Hi Peter,

Yeah, you are right, we use IIS (on WS2012 R2).

But I can’t understand what different between two video is…

Have a look here please under ‘Notes for IIS users’ How do I upload files bigger than 2MB / How can I increase the upload file size limit?

or directly here

I hope that will help you :slight_smile:

Peter, you are genius!

I made this change and it seems to be works!

Thanks a lot!