Video file larger than 128mb


Can we add video (mp4) more than 128 mb file.

Please adjust php.ini settings accordingly.

Dear Peter

i can reduce the maxium file size in to lesser than 128 mb but i cant increase the size more than 128

Perhaps this is some kind of restriction that your hosting provider set?
If that’s the case you’d need to contact them directly.
In usual case, you can edit the php.ini and set a lot higher values if you so desire.

Hi Friend

how u update 2mb to 128M File size please Advice me Thanks

You can follow the instructions in the below guide to increase the Upload limit:

If you are using a Docker setup, you will find these options in your config.env file.

Many Thanks.

I am not able to find this php.ini I did the dendro installation of my site and every time I do a file upload it only frees me 2M