V4.0.6 - Shedule Menu Bugs & Layout Editor Bugs

Shedule Menu

01- Whenever I select the ‘Agenda’ view and click on the preview of a layout, the ‘Clear Filters’ button is duplicated.

02 - When the page zoom is set to 110% or higher or when using a monitor with a lower resolution, the layout/campaign selector is in a strange position, with the search field pushed upwards.

Layout Designer

When I click on editing the layout name more than once, it opens multiple ‘Modals’ with the name editing form. And when this happens, the layout name is not changed when we click ‘Save’ to submit the form.

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Great, thanks for the bug reports! :bug:

I’ve captured those in the tracker.


Hello @dan !

a few more:

Click in “Turn Playlist Fullscreen” button dosen’t resize the playlist thumbnails:

Image Widget name are not displayed in layers control:

When I change the name of an element (Image, Shapes), all the other elements also have their names changed.

In this case, I changed the “Widget Name” of a rectangle, and all the other elements also get the same name.

And also Elements name are not displayed in the layers menu:

I clicked on the “new configuration” button, and an error appeared, but I didn’t understand the error or what the button should do.


Can’t add the same pixabay image more than one time to a playlist:

Following error:

This has been logged here: Editor: Make playlist fullscreen doesn't resize thumbnail · Issue #3305 · xibosignage/xibo · GitHub

The ‘New Configuration’ should only be available for Data Elements as it is used to set alternate data sources for multiple data elements to pull from. (New configurations for data elements are further explained in the Menu Board Guide.
This issue has been recorded here: Global Elements: New configuration shouldn't be enabled · Issue #3306 · xibosignage/xibo · GitHub

With regards to the naming, I have raised this with our dev team who have explained the following:
"The problem here is that the name is the name for the Canvas Widget, not the element, there is an issue for naming elements that might make that easier to follow.

Again, thanks for identifying these.

As always very much appreciated!

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This is because you have already selected it and so its been saved locally to your CMS Library. What happens is the image is still showing as a remote Pixabay file for selection, I have previously raised this with the dev team. If you change the Provider drop down to Local you will see the saved version of that file which should then be OK to add.

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Hi Natasha! Hope you are well,
Thank you for the awnsers!

In this case, it’s worth mentioning that the same thing happens when two different images have the same name on Pixabay:


I am very well thank you!

Now that is interesting, I shall pass this information on!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Another one:
“toggle fullscreen mode” are a not working well:

That has been logged here: Editor: Fullscreen toggle doesn't scale viewer content · Issue #3268 · xibosignage/xibo · GitHub

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Good afternoon everyone,
I was conducting a round of tests with other CMS users to gather some feedback.
I noticed that many of them do not have high-resolution monitors, and some visual bugs have gone unnoticed.

Below is an example on the playlist timeline in the Layout Designer, there are some responsiveness issues at the bottom, such as the layout name, media name (if it’s a name with many characters), duration, and buttons.
Take a look:

Another important thing:
Since we now have global elements, the right-click menu offers the “delete” option for elements like images and shapes.

The same “delete” option is displayed in playlists on the canvas.

However, I believe that for the playlist, there should be a confirmation shown to the user if the playlist contains items within it, instead of deleting it immediately when “delete” is clicked.

“There are items in your playlist, do you really want to delete it?”

The reason for this is that users may get confused when they want to delete an item from the playlist and accidentally delete the entire playlist.

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Thank you @pitoco02 I have shared your feedback with the team :+1:

Updated with created issues:

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