Using Region Loop

Hi all,

I am very confused about the Region Loop option.

When should we use it ?

I just see the difference between them it the region with no loop will delay to load the content of region again.

First have a look at this article:

If you enable the loop option, and have a single media item in the region, then at the end of the media playback duration it will restart that media item.

So say that item was a video, then the video would start playing again from the beginning whereas with the loop option off the video wouldn’t start again.

Say the item was an rss ticker, then at the end of the media duration, the ticker would refresh and reload with the loop option enabled but would continue to show the initial content if it wasn’t.

Hi Alex,

The region without loop enabled can still loop the content( ex: Slideshow ) when scheduling and set at default layout.
I did not see any special difference.

If there’s more than one item in the region then it will always loop.

If the region is the longest running then at the end of the region duration then the whole layout will reload and the region will therefore loop (assuming there’s only one layout scheduled concurrently).

Hi Alex,

I create a layout with 1 region with 1 image and then either set it at default layout or schedule it.
It can loop well, just one problem that there is a blink between loop.

Yes. That’s the whole layout reloading - not the region looping.

Having an image loop is pointless because it won’t ever change - it will always be the same image.

Region loop only makes any difference if there’s more than one region and one region runs for a shorter time than the other.

Thanks for your help