Using a Raspberry Pi 3 for running Xibo Client

Hello !

First of all, I’m a French computer engineer, my English is not perfect so please don’t judge me for my english.

I would like to use Xibo for making my own dynamic display with the best value for money.
So after searching on the web I find Xibo and I have installed it to my server, all works great :slight_smile:

But now I need to find a cheap solution to display my content to my TV and i find the great Raspberry Pi 3

After searching on this forum, some people tell that’s possible with Windows 10 IoT, but other people tell that’s not possible because the architecture is not the same between a classic Windows and Windows IoT (ARM and x86).

So I would like to know if I can run Xibo Client on a Raspberry Pi 3 (with windows 10 IoT) and display my content (video, images and powerpoints) without any dysfunction.

If possible, what client I must use on my Raspberry Pi 3 with Windows 10 IoT ?

Thank’s !!

This has been covered many many times before. Search will bring up many items about this - all with the exact same response from the project.

There is no supported way to run a Xibo Player on any variant of the RPi, under Linux or under Windows. You may be able to get images that will run, but they won’t work well or reliably, or against any recent version CMS.

Please, if you’re starting a new project, use a supported platform - either Windows .net Player running on x86/x64 hardware, or via Xibo for Android.

I’ve created an FAQ item for this here:

Yes I seen this has been covered many many times before. But with my bad english I don’t understand all things …

So now I’m fixed and I will use W7 for this solution !

Thank’s and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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