Usermanagement: Assigning different rights to users for same campaign

is it possible to use the usermanagement with following rights:

  1. create layouts, design and assign them to the campaign
  2. set the duration of the layout
  3. ordering the layouts in the campaigns
  4. assign different layouts to specific displays

User1 is allowed to plan display 1,2,3,4,5 in Campaign1
User 2 ist allowed to plan display 3,4,5,6,7 in Campaign1
Timeframe of the Campaign1 is 10:00 to 10:30

So that:

  • User 1: Layout 1 shwoing on displays 1,3,4 at position 1 in the campaign for 10 seconds in campaign1
  • User2: Layout 2 shwoing on displays 6,7 at position 2 for 20 seconds in campaign1
    The time of the campaign1 from 10:00 to 10:30 should always be the same and is not allowed to override, only by admin.
    Does it work? Especially point 4 (Assigning different displays) I do not know how to set the rights.

Thanks Mark

Permissions wise, yes it’s possible.

Schedule (not assign), but yes it’s possible.

If it’s the same campaign, then it will have the same layouts in it and all layouts in the campaign will be displayed on all displays to which that campaign will be scheduled.

It can be scheduled in this timeframe, but since you want your users to have access to the schedule page / events, they will be able to edit that event as well.

As for permissions:
page security:
Homepage and Login

menu security:
Design menu

Displays menu

Library menu

Top nav

You will also need to assign permissions to specific displays and any existing layouts / media files that you want your users to have access to.

  1. That means, if i have e.g. 10 locations with each 3 displays and want to display each location with different layouts then i have to create 10 campaigns scheduled with each 3 displays, so that every location is seperately controllable.
  2. There is no access to the schedule page/Events for the users
  3. the user has access to create layouts and the duration of each layout and assign them to certain campaigns.

Is there an option to bulk assign layouts to campaigns or do I have to do it all separately e.g. if i want to assign 1 Layout to all 10 campaigns?

Yes, if you want to show specific layouts (grouped in campaign) to specific displays, then yes you’d need separate campaigns.

2/3 Cool, then please ignore the schedule in top nav from my previous message.

You’d need to do it manually for each campaign.

Thanks, but this could be a problem with data usage in future.

For exmaple:
6 Displays, with 5 seconds duration of every spot, 24/7
every display is a seperate campaign to have seperate control for each display.

this means:
17280 Events per day because of 5 seconds a minute are 12 per minute, 720 per hour and 17280 per day.
I think this is not good to handle?!

Yours Mark

Actually, if you schedule the campaign with end date far into the future and no repeats, then it will be shown as one event in CMS.

Yes, but then i have only one campaign and i am not able to controll the displays separately. I think i need to create 6 camnpaigns with a duration of 5 seconds and repeat them every minute until day X. or?

Is it possible to set the starting time of a campaign with seconds, because I only saw that you can set 10:00 and not 10:00:05 ?

You absolutely do not want to set repeat every minute, also whole campaign with 5s duration? that seems a bit odd.

Anyway, you will want to schedule campaign (or single layout) to your display, most likely like this:

start 10:00
end 10:30
with repeat daily

Start (Now)
End date far into the future

without repeat

Perhaps have a look at this topic regarding durations - Understanding Media Duration and how it affects the playback of a Layout