User - Display in Displays List not showing to schedule a layout

XIBO version: 1.8.0
OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Client version: 1.8.0
OS: Windows 7 Pro

I am having an issue getting registered displays to appear for users under the “User” group.

• when trying schedule a layout (layouts > schedule now), no displays are listed under the Display list. The same if I go into the display listing itself and select Schedule Now.

• I also receive the error “Access Denied” when I try to assign a Layout from the display directly. The same with Assign a File.

• I read it might be a permissions issue within the CMS GUI (Users > user > Page Security) and turned them all ON. The issue of not having any displays listed still exists.

• The User account is able to see and create layouts and seemingly schedule, as well as see the display assigned to it (with full permissions), just the display I want to assign the layout to, is not listed.

• As a note, permissions for the display and the user are set to read / write / delete for everyone and the user.

• No issues under the Super Admin User Type.

I am sure it is something small that I am missing somewhere… Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Will continue to break things on this end as well.

Thank you for your time.


Thank you for your report, we’re able to recreate the issue, as you may imagine it was a bug along with few other permission related issues.

I’ve created a bug report for it and it will be fixed in the next release -

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Thank you! The fast reply is greatly appreciated.