Display in Displays List not showing to schedule a layout

Hi everybody,
I’m facing the following problem.
I’ve just installed the latest verion of xibo.

XIBO version: 1.8.9
OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Client version: 1.8.8
OS: Windows 10 Pro

I know that the was a problem with version 1.8.0 tha users can’t schedule on a display.
(User - Display in Displays List not showing to schedule a layout)
This topic hes been a year old. So I was wondering if the bugg has been fixed?
Or what am I doing wrong?

Kind regards,

That definitely should not be a problem, it could be that user does not have permissions to said display, in which case it will not be in the list on schedule page.

Are you doing that as a super admin or user?
can you see the display on Displays page just fine?

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your answer.
When I make the user a super admin every thing works fine.
When I just make him a user he can’t shedule anything.
I’ve given the user permissions view, edit and delete different screens.
Bus still the user cant shedule anything.
I’ve found a work arround bij creating display groups.
I’ve made a group with one screen.
The user can shedule the group. (Even if the is jus one screen in the group)


That’s strange, I can’t recreate it locally.

I think I’d need to see it first hand to have further suggestions.

Could you tell me if it’s docker or manual installation on a web server?
Also is it available over the internet ie would it be possible for you to give me temporary access to it (of course via private message)

I’ve send you a private message this morning.
But it seems there are more issues with user rights.
I’ve created a template for a layout. When a user adds a new layout and uses the template I have created, he isn’t able to access the media library.
When the user adds a new layout without the template everyting works fine.

Maybe you can take a look at this as well?

Thanks, Ivan