Use xibo for point of sale

Could you use xibo to display customer sales to a customer that is ordering at a cafe?

If you mean to display a menu for the customer, as an image, then yes.

If you mean as an interactive screen, then not quite yet (2.0 will have parts of interactive signage)

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I mean say you are serving a customer at a cafe as you take their order there is a screen facing the customer showing what is being ordered

Do you think it would be able to do that?
I already have it setup currently for a hospitality venue that changes specials daily, they alter the products in the point of sale and it exports a csv to a folder that is then uploaded and updated in the dataset I have in a region on a specials board layout. It works perfect.

If you want to show an image / text description of what’s ordered to the customer in “real time”, then it should be technically possible, but will most likely require some API integration.

As effectively you’d need to switch the Xibo player to show the layout with the specific product, it would be possible assuming that the system in place can then trigger Xibo API to call changeLayout and show the layout with the product you want.

So say you have a script that uses Xibo API and is triggered by other system with specific parameters that are then passed to changeLayout API call to change the layout.

It could also be slightly less automatic perhaps, you could have say a webpage/application with buttons that on click would then trigger the script with parameters to show the layout you want.

The other case you’ve mentioned is “easier” as you only export and then import the .csv to a dataSet in Xibo that is presumably set as a data source for Ticker/dataSet view that are displaying the relevant information from it.

THanks Peter yep that is what I was thinking also