Upgrading to 1.8 beta - wording I'd like to check

In the update instructions, it’s worded:

  • Replace your existing installation with the new version from the tar.gz or

zip file. Do not copy over the top.

I’ve also searched for help about this issue. However, I tried to follow it the guidance, but I’m left with a non-operational product.

What I had:
Fully working v1.7.8 (off the top of my head it was defiantly the latest version - but 1.7.8 may be wrong)

  • I logged into the server via FTP and downloaded the settings.php file
  • I then deleted everything inside the server
  • I then uploaded the new 1.8 files
  • I then replaced the 1.7.8 settings.php file
  • Tried to login, and I get a list of files on the server.

So then I figured, I may have just needed to upload the files needed… so (with the 1.8 beta files on my server) I uploaded the files from 1.7.8 to include the folders which were missing, and also the index.php file etc which was also not in the 1.8 beta folder.

Again, no luck. I’m left with a blank white page when I try and login.

I know I’ve massively screwed up somewhere - I just want to upgrade to the new Beta version… but something that I feel should be so simple, I’ve screwed up. I’m currently deleting everything from the server, and I’m going to re-upload all my downloaded 1.7.8 backup site files to try and get it working again, ready to restart the 1.8 update after I (hopefully) get help from here.

Can someone please let me know what I have been doing so wrong?

The requirements for 1.8 are different to 1.7, in particular only the /web folder should be in your document root and mod-rewrite is recommended.

There is some further information here: http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_cms.html

Ah ok. I read the instructions. I originally installed it my web hosting sub directory on the server called ‘screens’ - is it still possible to do that now? I believe mod-rewrite is enabled.

Xibo should be installed outside of the web root - so lets assume you have this:


you would need to put xibo under /some-structure/username/ and then use an alias into the screens folder - you may also be able to symlink the xibo web folder to screens.

The important thing is that the bulk of the Xibo installation must not be exposed to the web - only the web folder should be.

What sort of hosting do you have at the moment?

Hi, Thanks that makes a little more sense.

I have just switched to a VPS on CentOS with Plesk.

I’m trying a fresh install (and not an upgrade which was my original plan) - ideally, what I would like is as follows:

Site to be accessed at screens.[domain name].com

When I login via FTP, I see the following folders:

  • error_docs
  • httpdocs
  • logs
  • screens.[domain name].com - this contains the ‘web’ folder only.
  • xibo - This is the unzipped archive I’ve uploaded, excluding the ‘web’ folder

Is this correct so far?

Sorry, but i’ve never used CentOS or Plesk before so I am not sure what you should be doing - perhaps someone else has experience in this?

What I can tell you is that you can’t cut up the Xibo archive by moving folders around, the folder structure must remain the same so that files can be loaded correctly. If you need to have the /web folder in a completely different location (because you can’t create an alias or virtual directory) then you can symlink it (most VPS give you terminal access to do things like that).

Have you considered installing docker on the VPS using our docker launcher application? It will make things much easier for you (you would configure Xibo Docker to run on port 8080 and then use the webserver running on port 80 to reverse proxy requests for your subdomain onto port 8080).

Here is an article for setting up docker on a popular VPS provider: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-use-docker-on-ubuntu-16-04

Hi, Yeah it turns out Docker is being a problem installing on the VPS I have due to permission issues. I’ve been talking to my web host about this to try and get it resolved, but in all honesty… I’ve given up on them and I’m trying to do it without Docker.

The confusion I’m having is: In the instructions it says:

Secure by design, the CMS has a folder structure which intends for only the web folder to be in a location served by the web server. This means the web server / hosting must allow files to be placed outside the web location.

So, when I log into the server via FTP, any files I want to view are placed inside the ‘httpsdocs’ folder (the same folder as the www when using some other OS) - so anything inside that folder is exposed. So, I can’t upload without breaking the folder structure… Because it’s saying I need to upload the files to the server, and only place the web inside a web location (which in my case would mean it has to go inside the ‘httpdocs’ folder for it to be accessible online)

I just simply don’t know where to upload what files any more. I installed the previous version to the beta with no problems, installed and had it up and running with no problems… However this is driving me insane. I thought I was relatively smart until I tried to install this. I KNOW I’m just missing something or I’m not understanding something… But I just don’t know what it is!

  • If I upload the complete structure into the ‘httpdocs’ folder under a new folder called xibo, then I should be able to access it at www.domainname.com/xibo - but I get a forbidden message

  • So, If I upload it to the same location and try ‘www.domainname.com/xibo/web’ I get a blank white screen

  • If I upload the folders to OUTSIDE the httpdocs folder, and then upload web INTO the httpdocs folder, then I should be able to access it by www.domainname.com/web - but again, just a white screen.

Any ideas please as I just can’t seem to get this sorted.

It may be that your web host just isn’t suitable for running 1.8 - are you sure you have php 5.5 and mysql 5.6 available?

Unfortunately Xibo has become more complicated so that we can offer advanced features and be more secure - it does require a little web server knowledge to set up.

As a general rule, if your web host does not allow you to modify the web server configuration, then I think you will have a hard time getting it to work. It sounds like you are using some kind of shared hosting, rather than a VPS?

This is a bad idea as you would be “serving” files that are not designed to be served.

Without understanding your web host at all, I think your best bet would be to have this structure:

/screens.[domain name].com

Delete the existing httpdocs and then create a symlink from /xibo/web to /httpdocs (this means that the /httpdocs folder is actually the /xibo/web folder).

Hi, Thanks a lot for the help in understanding this.

I am defiantly on a VPS. I understand what your saying, however if I delete the httpdocs folder, then I won’t have a website? I wanted to have xibo run and be accessible under a subdomain called screens. If I do as you suggest, then my concern is if I create a symlink, I won’t have anything at domain.com as it would be pointing to the folder /xibo/webfolder is at.

I would be more than happy to buy a complete new domain name just specifically for running/accessing this if it is easier?

Again Dan thanks a lot for your help. Hopefully I’ll get there

Just to clarify. Now (running 1.7.8) if I go to:

screens.mydomain.com - I can login etc fine

I would like to be able to do the same with the new 1.8 - and this is what I’m unsure how to do. I’ve tried ever option I can think of to get it to work. IF I can manage to figure this out, it could be really good for testing purposes also, as it could potentially get accessed by tens of thousands of places (obviously testing with a few hundred first before upgrading etc)

OK, sorry I misunderstood - so screens.domain.com is the folder that is serving your sub domain - this is most likely a what is called a VirtualHost. Broadly speaking that means that when the web server receives a request from the sub domain, it knows to serve content from that folder and not the usual httpdocs folder.

So instead of what i said before, you want to delete the screens.domain.com folder and then create the symlink between /xibo/web and /screens.subdomain.com

Something like:

sudo ln -s /path/to/xibo/web /path/to/screens.mydomain.com

i.e. create a link from /web so that it appears when screens.mydomain.com is accessed - see here

that then means when your webserver tries to serve files from screens.mydomain.com it actually ends up in the /xibo/web folder

if you still get a white screen with that configuration, then it is probably some further problem (like mod_rewrite not working) - in that case try adding index.php to the request.

Thanks Dan, your help with this has been excellent. Just before I continue and do what you suggest, I would like to clarify that inside the screens.domain.com folder at the moment is the entire original xibo (from v1.7.8) - if I delete that folder, then my current installation of Xibo will be deleted also.

Again just to clarify, currently everything looks like this:

  • error_docs
  • various.html files matching to errors
  • httpdocs
    • index.php file
    • logo.jpg
  • logs
  • various log files
  • screens.domain.com
  • [entire folder of the 1.7.8 version of xibo]

See att. for screenshot.

So, do I upload 1.8 into httpdocs folder (so it will be httpdocs/xibo (and httpdocs/xibi/web etc) and THEN do the symlink as you mentioned above?

For safety’s sake, you would rename the screens.domain.com folder :slight_smile:

Then you extract xibo into the root and create a symlink from /xibo/web to /screens.domain.com

Thanks Dan. OK I’m uploading everything now. Once it’s done, I’ll create the symlink. To confirm, do navigate to the xibo/web folder THEN create the link? Or do I navigate to a different folder and then create the link?

The link also needs to be the FULL path?

Does this look right?

sudo ln -s /var/www/vhosts/domainname/httpdocs/xibo/web /var/www/vhosts/domanname/screens.domainname.com

Still no luck. I’ve tried everything. I have the folder structure as you said, however I’m just getting a plain white screen. Even when I try and add index.php

I’ve tried accessing:

domain.com/xibo - Forbidden
domain.com/xibo/web - Blank Screen
domain.com/xibo/web/index.php - Blank Screen
screens.domain.com - Blank Screen

I setup the symlink correctly I think because when I renamed screens.domain.com - and looked via browser, I got the not found screen. After I created the symlink, I get the white screen.

Any steps you recommend? I’ll upload another screenshot of FTP layout

The Xibo folder shouldn’t be in httpdocs - with it in there you have made the entire thing web serveable - which is not what you want.

The xibo folder should be in the root: /var/www/vhosts/domainname/xibo

The white screen probably indicates some other environment error - it is really very difficult to say at this point, without access to your system.

I know you’ve asked for paid help in another topic - if this proves fruitless you can email us @ support@springsignage.com with details of your VPS - we may be able to install it for you on a commercial basis. If you do that please provide a link back to this topic so we know who you are.

Sorry :confused:

I’ve emailed you. Tried this also and just getting white screen - but I have uploaded the documents into the correct places I feel.

FYI - we don’t have a message from you as yet

Weird, I sent it yesterday at 18:06 GMT.

I’ve forwarded it again to yourselves at the email provided.


Still nothing - i’ll create you a ticket manually.


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