Update from 1.7.9 to 1.8.2

When i try to update a xibo server from 1.7.9 to 1.8.2 it works with no problems when there are no layouts.
But when i try to do it with the 600 layouts already made the update will not proceed.
It hangs on updating layouts but nothing happens.

Upgrade Layouts - Convert existing Layouts

I there something i should do to get this working?

I assume you’re upgrading it as a manual/custom installation (ie non docker)?

Is there any error in particular? It’s possible that upgrading bigger number of lay outs may take some time, how long does was it ‘stuck’ on that step?

Thats correct it is an manual update.

There is no error given.

I only see the radar turning that is is running that stap.

Likely your PHP max execution time value is too low. Try increasing it.

Hello Alex

I have changed de PHP max execution time.
And running the update again.

Lets hope this is te solution.

And yes the update is done.
It takes a lot of time to run this step.

It’s doing a lot of work. The way layouts are stored is radically different in the two series. In 1.7 they’re stored as flat XML where as in 1.8 they’re stored as a series of linked database records, so to process 600 layouts will take considerable time.

thnx again

now i can start the migration to the new server.