Twitter search queries don't get the same results as on


Using Xibo 1.8.8.

Included a Twitter Widget into my layout, entered the search term “from:db_bahn”

It returns completely different results than on

Am I too blind or is there really something incorrect in the new twitter module?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

PS: When saving the twitter widget, I have to refresh the page. Seems to be a new bug. It is working fine with other widget types.

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I think I have exactly the same problem… in fact i create this topic: Updated to 1.8.8 and twitter module not working

i think this could be a bug (a big one)…

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Yes, that is a bug in 1.8.8 I’ve replied to that in the @Victor_Araya_V topic as well.

Could you please specify what exactly is different? I mean does it still return tweets from that account, just not all of them?
If so that would be the way Twitter API works, it returns a sample of tweets not all of them.

That being said there was also twitter related issue that we will fix in 1.8.9 as well.

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Hi Peter,

Yes, I noticed the bug regarding the images, this is not my problem.

Regarding the results, you can try with any account you like.
In my case the"from:account" did not return a single post of this account, but quite a lot of retweets that were originally from the account.
"#keyword" returned some expected tweets.
"@account" (mentioning) also seemed to work, but not sure if the results were complete.

In my case I want to display the tweets coming from my organization, so the only option I have is the "from:account"search term.

It would be great if you can find out where the problem lies.
Although enabling the debug logs, I couldn’t see the exact query which was sent out via the twitter API (or I didn’t know what to look for).

After having a look at Dan’s commit, this might even be the solution for my issue.
If the urlencode function makes : out of the colon, it’s clear that it doesn’t work correctly.

I’ll check as soon as version 1.8.9 is released.

I just did the changes of manually on my installation and my problem is solved.

Thanks Peter for pointing this out.

–> official solution expected in Version1.8.9.

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Glad to hear that, 1.8.9 should be officially released very soon