Updated to 1.8.8 and twitter module not working

Updated from version 1.8.6

When i try to edit an element twitter within a region, it crashed. And when i insert a new twitter element, its not working anymore or says different or random tweets, not according with the search terms.

Do this also happen to someone else?

i try clear caché, disabled and enable module, verify all, and nothing…

Sorry my english…

There are few issues in 1.8.8, one of which is the fact that you may not be able to properly save for example twitter widget (or rather it should save, but the form will not close afterwards), there is also one more issue directly related to Twitter widget.

Both will be fixed in 1.8.9.

I’m not certain why it would show you items that are not matching your search term though, that seems like possible another problem, although I haven’t encountered it locally.

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I do not know how works the bug fixes to update to the new version 1.8.9, but the twitter module is very important for my clients (and i think that for most people it is too). It is “urgent” to me really,… But, anyway… you know if there is a tentative release date?
Thanks you guys.

Most likely later this week.

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