Too Many Items on Playlist - Layout is ignored

Just wondering if the problem of having a large number of items on a playlist has been addressed?

The last topic I found that addressed this problem was this one:

I seem to remember a few more since, but I don’t remember if it has been fixed. I know I ran it into the problem today with 1.7.8 CMS. Layout was going along fine, until I altered the schedule. Then after that the payer almost refused to even acknowledge that it was needing to play the play list. In the following image, I saw that the playlist was there, all the content downloaded, but for whatever reason not scheduled on the player, even though it was in the scheduler. It is layout 7. The layout is also not shown as invalid on the player or the CMS.

Only solution for now was to breakup the layout and playlist into two layouts and then update the schedule for all affected displays. Not ideal, but it works.

Has 1.8 addressed this problem?

Hi Colin,

Yes, the issue is fixed in 1.8 series - schedule.xml file truncated · Issue #340 · xibosignage/xibo · GitHub

I believe due to incremented XMDS version needed to solve this issue, it will still occur in 1.7 series, as there were more changes needed (as per the bug report linked above).

Thank you for the response Peter. I couldn’t tell given the notes on the bug. It only looked like it would be addressed on the .net client player. But good to hear that 1.8 will handle more.

Any idea on what 1.8’s limit might be? Or, is it now, pretty much whatever your connection and client will handle?

I don’t think there is any hard limit in 1.8