Is there an undoccumented limit to total number of items in a layout?

No log entry specific to this occuring.

Layout in question runs fine until up towards 50 video-only items (seems to work better with replays of previous layout items) around 48 items if the last couple are unique library items. Silly question, since it would be something that would/should be rather important, but is there some kind of limit to # of items in layout? The layout always has the valid checkmark, just after that critical one is added (doesnt seem to be the same number all the time in testing) it drops to the default layout. Remove the critical file, poof, layout is back up. Again, it isn’t any particular file (tried a few that are all known to work).

Thanks to the community in advance for y’alls time,

There is no hard coded limit in Xibo.
That being said, 50 videos in one layout seems like quite a lot, there is few things that could go wrong, I assume your layout has a quite a long duration, probably quite big size sometimes players can have a problem with that (storage/memory/download related problems).

Are you using the newest player/CMS?

Missed the reply notification for this post. I apologize for delayed reply. I am using the latest android client and latest release of the CMS (not the beta or release candidate or whatever). It is odd, for example, today I split the playlist into 3 layouts and created a campaign to play parts 1, 2 and 3. Worked fine when I scheduled it on my test minix x7 unit. So, I scheduled that same campaign to run in a production environment and it is skipping part 2 layout. I scheduled it a good while before it was set to play so it should have downloaded everything. Or, at least after a couple of times through the campaign it should have gotten what it needed. When I check the recent logs/messages of the display, nothing useful.