Ticker using dataset and filtering but not quite right!

I am using a ticker based on a dataset to display current room bookings. The dataset is filtered by an SQL query as follows:

NOW() > startdate AND NOW() < enddate

Where startdate and enddate are the start and end dates of room bookings

However, if no room bookings match the filter criteria, the last room booking that did meet it remains on screen even though it no longer meets the criteria. eg. Room booking finishes at 9pm. After 9pm it remains on screen until the next room booking begins.

I dont think it should do that?

If it’s displayed using a Ticker then currently an empty response for a ticker is considered an error and so the old cached version will be used until the ticker source returns something valid.

So in your example you’d need your dataset to return something between meetings to have the old meeting go away.

That’s is exactly the situation. Hopefully this can be resolved in a later version? Any workarounds greatly appreciated. Love the system though, have implemented it across our community building as a cost effective, but quality solution. Thanks. Jonathan

I believe there’s already a feature request regarding this. It is the designed behaviour though so it’s not a bug.

Just an idea - could you have a item in the dataset which returns an “empty” meeting for that time? I.e. the row is still there, but the content is empty?