Do not show Dataset/Ticker without content


It would be incredibly helpful to find a solution to our problem: A client updates a Dataset with Start/End Date and Text, the information is then Filtered and displayed via Ticker. There are times when there is no content available for a given date, so the Dataset is technically empty. In this case, it would be ideal for one of the following to happen:

1- The Layout is “Hidden” or “Skipped” until data is available again.
2- The Ticker is “Hidden” or “Skipped” until data is available again.

I know this has come up a few times (Ticker using dataset and filtering but not quite right! and Dataset Birthday), however those conversations are closed.

If this is still on the agenda, we would be incredibly grateful. Maybe someone has a solution already, perhaps via API & Filter?

Thank you!

The ticker currently has an option to set the message to display when no records are returned from the source - you’d need to use that for now.

Regarding skip/hide a widget when it doesn’t return anything, similar to displaying widgets for set period of time, it might be possible with full playlist implementation in 1.9 series.

All right, thank you for your reply!

Is it possible for me to show a title only when I have content available for a ticker?
For example, my client needs to show the schedule for a certain workshop. In that case, it would be interesting for it to have a title such as “Activities:”, followed by a ticker with them. However, when a workshop doesn’t release their schedule, I would like to loose the title. Is that possible?

Thank you,


Something new here? I’d like to skip the entire widget, when the dataset has no records instead of displaying a message.

EDIT: Now I know how the dataset widget works (Display 3 different items at a time from a data set?). Its not that easy to skip the whole layout if the dataset is empty but it would be great.

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