Ticker from DataSet with Filtering

Hi all, I know the original topic linked below is closed, but does anyone have a workaround or update on this?
The ticker gives great flexibility on what to show and how to show it.

This feature to fall back to cache if no items match the query makes sense for RSS feeds, but not so much for a DataSets where a filter has specifically been used. Is there a workaround for this to stop the player using the cached version?
Ideally there would be an option to turn this ON/OFF. I just want to the region to show nothing if there is no data to display (like the Dataset view does).



Continuing the discussion from Ticker using dataset and filtering but not quite right!:

There’s no update because as it stands that is the intended behaviour.

It’s come up a couple of times where people have scenarios that this doesn’t meet, so it could be that we look at making it optional. For that to happen there needs to be a thread in the Features section requesting that (if there isn’t already) and then it will be considered for future development.

Thank you for your reply. I will check if a feature request exists for this and if not I will create one.