The player get 503 error, Exception in Run: Could not find file *requiredFiles.xml*

Hello, I installed latest xibo versions, installed xibo cms on server and xibo windows player on my computer. After finishing i can login and everything seem to work fine. But the player shows the 503 service unavailable

in the player shows this:

Thanks for your help!

I assume both, client and CMS are in 1.7.8 version?

Do you have fully qualified path to the CMS library in CMS settings?
Please see ‘library location’ section of this post Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide

You might want to navigate to ‘Report fault’ page in CMS and see how does it look like there.

Hello, sorry for the delay, yes sure 1.7.8 version I have installed, for the library I created a subfolder in the xibo directory. The raport fault looks like:

How does your player looks like in CMS on Display page?
Is it showed as logged in and up-to date?

Regarding that path in CMS settings, do you have fully qualified path to your CMS library on your web server there?
Could you please tell us what’s the path in the CMS settings?

Although 503 must come from the web server itself, so your best bet would be to look at the webserver’s logs to understand why it’s not serving your requests.