Standard layout won't come back


we have a reproducible problem, we have set up a standard layout and set this for every screen. If we schedule an event (a layout or a campaign) and set a date range from now to a date in the future (like next week), everything works fine.

But if we change the start date now to a later date, the standard layout won’t come back. The scheduled event is somehow “stucked” (even the start date was adjusted to a later date in the future). Assuming no other event(s) are scheduled and only the standard layout should be displayed.

Our only workaround is to go to “Screens” and and delete the cache for each individual display. After restarting the player, the standard layout shows up again. By the way, is it possible to create a command, which deletes the cache on all screens in a group? It is a bit time consuming doing this for each individual screen…

As mentioned, this is reproducible with Xibo 2.0.1 and the current Windows player.


You need to upgrade Xibo to the 2.0.2 version then go in Display Settings>Advanced and tick the box for Expire modified layouts. With all Xibo versions, a display will keep on playing the layout for at least one set duration so if you had it set to 8 hours for ex, it will by default keep on playing until the 8 hours are finished, this might explain why you can still see it.
At the moment there’s no command to delete caches as you described but it’s shouldn’t be necessary either.

Hi, this issue becoms a real problem :frowning:

We have a lot screens, e.g. if a customer says he want his content on screen1 and screen2 everything works. But if the cusomer changes and wants now olny screen1, the default layout on screen2 wont come back.

By the way, the option “expire modify layouts” never worked…
And this has nothing to do with the play time, the default screen wont come back even if the customer content plays only 10 seconds…
This is massive bug!!

I can confirm that “expire modify layouts” option doesn’t work.

I have videos that prove it.