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I had a few instances of Xibo running with 1.8.13 for a while, now we updated all to v2.3.11, and I have one with 3.0.1. for my next project.

We do use a lot of SQL-Syntax and datasets. It seems to me that something has changed in the meanwhile and I don’t know to solve it.
If I use this
Room LIKE ‘Room01’ AND NOW() > KPZstart AND NOW() < KPZend
it seems that now the ‘AND’ doesn’t work anymore. I only get the room to be filtered.

If I use
NOW() > KPZstart AND NOW() < KPZend
only the start date is filtered, the dataset entry is still shown when the end date is reached

Are there new ways to get these dataset filters to work?

Thank you.

We updated to 3.0.2. but it is still the same.

When I use a simple one like:
it works.
But I need to filter not only date but also a time span.

Can anyone from Xibo please verifiy this issue or am I doing something wrong?

I did a test in 2.3.11 and used the same layout and dataset there (export from v3, import in v2) and everything is working as it should.

Please Xibo team, have a look at this issue. I’m quite sure now that there must be something wrong in the version 3.
Thank you very much.

Is there a possibility to get some info on this from a Xibo member? Do you need more information, should I export you my layout and the dataset to check?
Any help is very welcome.
There are only a few days for me to decide if I setup my new project in v3 or v2.

Hi , I have logged your issue to be looked at by one of the dev team and will get back to you as soon as we have anything further.

Hi @natasha ,
are there any news on this? Need to install today, so I need to know if v3 will work in near future without this issue.

Hi, the development team have created the following issue as a result:

Hi @natasha,
thank you for the support. Is there a chance to get informations when the bug will be corrected?
This is an elementary function of my new project that I need to bring from layout and testing to a release soon.
I need to setup another version with latest CMS v2 if I cannot use it in v3.
This would be a lot of work now and after a working release of v3 to convert all the users and players and scenes back and forth.

An answer from Xibo members would help me a lot.
I know this is Open Source, but maybe you can support me on this special issue that I haven’t expected to be there in v3.

Thank you in advance

Hi, have you used Docker for this install?

@natasha Yes, our IT used Docker.
There is also another one with the same issue on a clean install.

Great, so on docker you can pull release30 - it will say 3.0.2 but will contain all currently resolved 3.0.3 bugs:

- run docker-compose down if the containers are up
- Open the docker-compose.yml (or the cms_custom_ports.yml if you’re using that file to up your containers)

- Find the line under cms-web that specifies the docker image that is used to pull cms files, it should look like this : image: xibosignage/xibo-cms:release-3.0.1

- Change the image to release30 ie that line should be changed to:
image: xibosignage/xibo-cms:release30
and save the file

- run docker-compose pull
 (wait for it to finish) then:

- run docker-compose up -d

Make sure you save a file after making a change and wait for the pull to finish.

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@natasha this sounds like a great solution, thank you. I will try this.

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Looks like that’s done the trick, thanks!

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