Filtered dataset view leaving no results does not show 'no data' template in v3.0.1

I have just freshly installed cms v3.0.1 and windows player 3 r300.5 separate to my production environment to test my current layouts before upgrading.

I have imported the layout with the dataset and it’s not quite working correctly.

Layout has 3 Dataset View widgets all looking at the same dataset but each has a different filter to show only relevant data, when nothing satisfies the filter for each widget each one should display the ‘noData’ template but instead if even 1 widget has something to display the others are blank. It works as expected in my currently live environment CMS v 2.9.3.

Further investigation has shown that it is in fact the advanced filter clause that is no longer working. Each of my 3 widgets have a slightly different filter, but because the filter isn’t working all 3 widgets are always showing data (sometimes that data is intentionally blank).

I need to use the advanced clause as the basic list doesn’t give me all of the SQL operators I need (‘LIKE’)

Are there any workarounds is this a known bug?

Same here, I’m a bit happy to read this, so I know that I’m not the only one.

I found your post shortly after I posted mine, so I too am happy I’m not the only one!

Looks like I won’t be updating until this is fixed

This bug has been resolved. CMS version can be updated by following the steps here

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