Spring CMS 1.8.1 not showing schedule events

I’m using Spring 1.8.1 and today I can’t see the schedule events for the only screen I have.
I opened a ticket in Spring 2 weeks ago reporting the same issue, but the next day it solved itself by magic art.

Now I’m stuck to the schedule, I don’t see any event previously set, I haven’t deleted any content nor nothing. The spinning gear icon never stops and the schedule is empty.

I also tested on different PCs and browsers and different Internet connections, but nothing happens.
I’m worried because this is the 2nd time it happened and consider I’m logging on the CMS not frequently (once or twice a week), so I think this could be recurrent. I also found a topic related to the same issue on version 8.0.0 alpha3 and there somebody said it was finally solved (the sanization or something).

Thank you.


PS: My Spring instance is ddwebs.

Hi - i’ve had a look at this for you - there was an event in your schedule which used the 20:00 to 05:00 day part you created, starting on the 11th April repeating every 2 hours, forever.

This appears to have made the system go :boom: - although you shouldn’t have been able to create an event if that was going to happen. I’ve created a bug report for it and will investigate the root cause.

I have left the original event in place, but have removed the hourly repeat. You should find that you can view the schedule on your CMS now?


as I told you in the other topic, the player worked fine and so the
schedule page, thanks to you that removed the hourly repeat. Great!

  1. But the hour repeat feature in addition to the neverending date, it’s an
    atomic bomb. In my opinion, those features should be restricted or to put a
    constraint there to avoid the issue.
    So, what’s your opinion if you want to schedule a layout without the ending
    date till you decide to change some time (ie. a static layout for your
    company, that’s not a promotion).

  2. BTW, I was testing this issue on the Intel PC stick player I have,
    accessing to the CMS and starting then the client player. It has IE 11 and
    when it delete an event from the schedule, it does not refresh the schedule
    grid. So when I click on the deleted event I still see, it throws a “not
    found” popup. I captured the screen and attached the image here. The issue
    does not finish there, it does not refresh reloading the page nor loging
    out and loging in again, nor closing the browser. The only thing I did that
    solved the issue was deleting cache and cookies (everything) from the
    Then I changed something again in the schedule and the same issue happened
    again. You’ll tell the problem is the browser, and that’s true. But is
    there something (ie in a cookie) that perhaps disturbs some browsers?

  3. And last thing for now, taking advantage of this conversation (sorry),
    there’s something redundant or confusing to me of the timezone setting.
    The timezone appears in some settings:
    a) the CMS timezone, (i have -3 GMT for Argentina)
    b) editing the display in location tab that says timezone and ‘The timezone
    for this display, or empty to use the CMS timezone’ (I left it empty),
    c) adding/editing event: ‘run at CMS time option’ that says also: ‘When
    selected, your event will run according to the timezone set on the CMS,
    otherwise the event will run at Display local time’ and the default option
    is unchecked.
    So I always want to run events according to the CMS time, and if I leave
    unchecked (default) the ‘run at cms time’ option, I guess it always run the
    cms time because of b) is empty (display timezone), supposing it will use
    the a) option (cms timezone). So that’s a bit confusing.
    As the c) option es by default unchecked, I want it to leave it as is,
    because sometimes I suppose I forget to check when I add an event, and as I
    said I want always to run at CMS time. What do you suggest?

That’s all for now Dan. I’m anxious for your answers.
Thank you for your support, I appreciate your efforts for improving Xibo
and for attending the community too.


Agreed - that is why I have submitted the bug report linked

You could put it in as an “always” schedule?

@Peter - can you test the schedule grid with IE11 please? I haven’t noticed this myself before.

This is only useful if your Displays are in different time zones - i.e. lets imagine you had displays across in Chile, up in Brazil, etc. Un-ticked would mean that an 8AM display would be 8AM in each local timezone, ticked would mean that 8AM would be 8AM in one place, 7AM in another, 9AM in another, etc.

As a side note, in 1.8.1 the display software will send its timezone if it can.

It seems to work fine for me in IE11, when I add/delete events the Schedule page is correctly updated without the need to manually refresh the page.

@Diego Perhaps you could try clearing your IE11 cache to see if that resolves the issue?

Hi Dan.

I’m testing it now at work with another notebook with IE11 (I haven’t
tested on IE on this notebook before). The veredict is: it’s still not
refreshing the schedule when I delete (in this case) an event.
See my printscreen attached and also there’s the IE version in the popup.

To fix it this time I didn’t have to clear the cache, instead I had to
logout and close the browser, then I opened it and logged in again: there I
saw the event deleted before finally disappeared.

I work in IT, and I know that issues we can’t reproduce are really painful.
This does not matter to me because I don’t use IE (only Chrome), but what
really matters is that if a potential customer of mine uses IE, I will be
in trouble unless I forbid him to use IE.

Well, Dan. Don’t want to disturb you for some time (I hope).

Thank you.


How long are you waiting - I wonder if it is an issue with the time it is taking to return events. Next to the Display/Display Group selector you should see a spinning cog if the data is still being requested.

The reason we are so surprised is that we’re testing your exact CMS and it works for us - i’m not sure what the difference would be between us.


After testing it again and again with no success, I finally found something
interesting that made the test successful: that was changing some IE
settings. There’s an issue with the cache I think. So when I turned the
settings back, the test failed again.

I’m attaching you a pdf that retells step by step my testing, the failure
and the successful ones. It’s something important I think it has to be
taken into account.

So, tonight I’ll test it on the other pc at home (mini pc player with IE11
too) that I saw the issue too, hoping that with these settings changed it
will make this issue disappear.

Pls give me a comment of this and thank you again for your time and
Keep in touch.


ie11-issue.pdf (622 KB)

Thank you for your detailed analysis and steps to reproduce. We will create a bug for this and look at it ASAP.

@Peter - can you please create a bug? Thanks!

You’re welcome.