Single region with multiple photos & videos - question regarding the duration

I am using Xibo 1.7.9 with Windows Clients.
I have a layout with two region:
Region 1: the text title - duration: 300seconds
Region 2: has multiple videos and jpg photos in the order below
Photo1 - duration: 10seconds
Video1 - 22 second footage
Photo2 - duration: 10seconds
Video2 - 95 second footage
Photo3 - duration: 10seconds
Video3 - 46 second footage
Photo4 - duration: 10seconds
Video4 - 63 second footage

I would like the Photo1 to be shown for 10 seconds then Video1 full 22 seconds to be played then Photo2 to be shown for 10 seconds then Video2 full 95 seconds to be played then so on … until Video4 … . then all to be repeated. What duration do I need to put for the videos/images so that I can achieve this ?

Any help on this will be much appreciated, thank you.

10s for each image and videos either with specified duration or with 0 (it will auto detect video duration then)

that’s pretty much it, after it’s set it should cycle through all items in the region then start from the first item, after 300s it will reload the layout (as I think that’s the longest duration you have there) and start from the beginning and so on. (unless there is a different layout scheduled as well, if so after this layout will finish player will switch to the next layout).

Understanding Media Duration and how it affects the playback of a Layout

Hi Peter, thank you very much.