Simple Daily Timetable Display


I’m about to invest in Xibo and have seen some realyl clever ways to display data sets and daily changes for time tables updated via csv, etc.

However for the sofrt term i need a simple way for the reception to add a new PDF, or image every day and just display that until the following day.

Is this going to be simple enough for basic users to do, with little training and no supervision?

I only have a day to get something implemented and Xibo is looking really good. For now I’ll use a desktop PC but will be investing in RPI for each display.

Thanks for your help,

Hello and welcome to the community!

That’s great to hear that you have chosen Xibo and yes adding media is quite straight forward and can be easily achieved by a basic user.

We have User documentation which would be of use to you as you explore the system as well as Administration documentation with regards to set up etc.
We also have some great guides: How to create a simple Layout

You can control access and interaction for users using Features and Sharing options in our latest v3.

The Playlist Dashboard and User might also be a good option for you here, which would take minimal set up from you and instruction to the users who would use it: Utilising the Playlists Dashboard

We do have some online training courses here which are short video tutorials which cover the basics: Xibo Signage Training Homepage

I would however like to point out that running a Xibo Player on RPI is not an option I am afraid, see the Q&A here for more information: Can I run a Xibo Player on my Raspberry Pi (all variants) | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage

Hope all goes well :+1: