Utilising the Playlists Dashboard

From v2.3, a new Dashboard and User Group is available to assign to Users. Once both assigned, the Playlist Dashboard and Playlist Dashboard User Group, give a restricted view of the CMS and only allows Users to Upload and Remove media to Playlist Spots they have been given Permission to manage.

This guide will take administrators through the steps to set up a User, Playlist and Layout so that a User can add and replace media content without accessing the Playlist or Layout.

1. Create a User

Navigate to the Users page under the Administration section of the CMS, and click to Add User.

  • Enter a User Name to give to the user for login.
  • Create a Password for the user to use on first login.
  • Include the Email address for the user.
  • Use the drop-down and select Playlist Dashboard.
  • Leave the User Type as User.
  • Use the drop down for Initial User Group and select Playlist Dashboard User.
  • Save.

2. Create a Playlist.

Now go to Playlists under the Library section of the CMS menu and click on the Add Playlist button and give the Playlist a name for easy identification and Save.

Once saved the Playlist Timeline view will open.

Use the X to close this window.

For this guide this window is closed, but Administrators could choose to add Widgets / Library Search media to the Playlist here, which would show as locked content for the User so that they could not add or replace media in these locked Spots.

Next, locate the newly created Playlist and use the drop down menu to select Permissions.

Use the Name filter to find the User that needs access to the selected Playlist.

Tick in the View and Edit boxes and Save.

This Playlist now needs to be included onto a Layout using the Sub-Playlist Widget.
This could be an existing Layout that already has the Sub-Playlist Widget included but for the purpose of this guide we will create a new Layout for this particular Playlist.

3. Create Layout

Click on Layouts under the Design section of the CMS and use the Add Layout button to open the Add Layout form to complete.

On saving the Layout Designer will open, with one full sized empty Region by default.

For the purpose of this guide we will use this full sized Region so we do not need to resize or position.

Click on the Widgets button on the bottom toolbar and use the arrows to scroll to the Sub-Playlist Widget and click in or drag to the Region to add.

Once added the Playlist can be selected and configured using the Edit options.

  • Use the drop down to select the Playlist created for the User.
  • Enter the total amount of Spots to be available for this User to upload media to.
  • Enter a duration each Spot Length should be, in seconds.
  • Leave Spot Fill as Repeat.
  • Save.


Now when the User logs in using the Username and Password you created, they will see the Playlists Dashboard and be able to select the Playlists they have been given permission to, by using the drop down menu and upload media files to the allocated Spots.

The User can click on Add to select files to upload and Replace by clicking on an existing media file to upload a new file to be shown in its place.

As we have set the Playlist Spot Fill to ‘Repeat’ if the User did not add media to all 10 Spots, the media files that have been uploaded would repeat until all available Spots had been filled.

Take a look at the Layout Preview so you can see exactly how this will play before being scheduled. Use the arrows to scroll through how media files will play.

Available configurations are detailed on the Sub-Playlist manual page.

Remember to Publish the Layout!!

Once content has been added to the Playlist the Layout must be Published before it can be scheduled.

Use the Actions menu on the top toolbar of the Layout Designer and select Publish Layout . If you do not want to Publish straight away untick the Publish Now option and select a date/time that this Layout should be set to Publish.

Once scheduled, any edits made to the Playlist by the User, be it uploading new or replacing existing media files, will be sent to the Player and update the media files in the Layout!

Access to Playlist

Playlist Dashboard Users can be given additional Permissions so that they can access their Playlists to fully edit the Timeline, include Widgets and Library Search media, access Layout Designer Tools, delete media files, change the ordering etc.

To do this, go to the User page and select Page Security from the drop-down menu for the User. On the ACL form scroll down and tick against Playlist and Save .

Now when the User log’s in, they will have access to the Playlists page from their Playlist Dashboard.

Playlists offer many configurations in which to display your media, take a look at our guide to give you an insight into the possibilities: How to show Media at specified intervals using Playlists.

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