Setup smtp step by step


i would like to setup email alert and i wonder if it’s useful to use the config.env file or you can do it directly in the cms ?
thanks for any help

If you’re using docker, then yes config.env is where you should configure it.

On manual/custom installations, it will depend if it’s Linux or Windows server as the insurrections will vary.

In CMS itself you also need to enable email alerts, provide email addresses etc, but smtp itself isn’t configured in the CMS web ui.

thanks for your reply i’m using a docker install
i’m a newbie and french and when i read the smtp part i don’t understand which parameters to change or to put in the config file :
i think my cms_smtp_username is my account on gmail
but they talk about a cms_smtp_password (i don’t think it’s my gmail account one !!)

i’m lost in translation

If you’re using docker and gmail email address and all you need to do is to enter your email address and password in the config.env


It is

For the CMS Maintenance configuration please see the relevant section here

In short, you need to enable maintenance, email alerts set email addresses and then on Displays page enable email alerts on the displays from which you want to receive the up/down email alerts.